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Atrust P2T Converter License

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Atrust P2T Converter License

Artikelnummer: ATP2TC

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Atrust P2T (PC to Thin Client) Converter is ontworpen om bestaande computers te transformeren in Atrust thin clients. Deze computers veranderen dan in Atrust Linux- thin clients en zijn beheersbaar via het de  Atrust Device Manager (externe client management software).


Atrust P2T (PC to Thin Client) Converter is designed to transform existing computers into Atrust thin clients. These computers then run as Atrust Linux based thin clients and are manageable over the network by Atrust Device Manager (remote client management software) which is installed on the host server.

In a desktop virtualization environment (VDI), a PC is no longer a cumbersome desktop, but simply an endpoint device for users to access services from the server(s). You will bene t from:
Centralized management of work environments
Simplified system maintenance
Drastically reduced endpoint software issues
Repurpose of old PCs
Application / Dekstop access across different platforms


P2T Converter can help you extend the life cycle of your existing PC estate, and will also reduce the cost of IT Administration. Additionally, your computer will become a multifunction cloud client (called P2T thin client), suitable for a wide range of desktop virtualization environments. These key features are:

  • Broad support for industry-leading desktop virtualization solutions by Microsoft, Citrix, VMware etc
  • Highly con gurable and customizable client settings (with Atrust Client Setup)
  • Remote management, update, and assistance (with Atrust Device Manager) 

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer ATP2TC

Technical Speci cations

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Hardware Requirements


Standard x86 compatible processor (support SSE2 )


2GB or above


2GB or above

BIOS / UEFI requirements

USB boot support

Software Supported


Remote Desktop
Citrix ICA
VMware View
Parallels 2X Client SSH


Atrust Device Manager (ADM) / Atrust Client Setup (ACS)

Software Maintenance

Regular software maintenance included up to 3 years after EOL

Management Atrust Device Manager
Merk Atrust

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